January 20

A Year with the Royal Family

Channel 9 announces that the series, A Year with the Royal Family, narrated by Cate Blanchet, will be broadcast from February. It was reported in December 2007, that the Nine Network will broadcast the series to spearhead their battle to win back television ratings in 2008.

The ratings this series will record ratings which will no doubt confirm the interest and the attachment Australians have with their Royal Family. This will demonstrate yet again that republicanism, so clearly defeated in 1999, is receding in this country.


..Nine's message…

The  Nine  Network is announcing the series with this message:

“This amazing documentary series provides an exceptional insight into the work of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family over the course of a year.

 From major state visits and royal tours to smaller meetings and audiences, the series gives viewers a remarkable picture of how the monarchy operates at home and abroad.  

We take a close look at the monarchy's headquarters, Buckingham Palace. With 650 rooms and nearly 40 acres of garden, London's most famous address is also the head of state's official offices, a museum, a residence and a focal point for national celebrations and important state occasions.


All four of The Queen's children talk frankly for the first time about their working roles, about the jobs which they were born into and which will occupy the rest of their lives.”


We shall be watching.


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