January 26

ABC TV1 Monday: A Queen For All Seasons

The third and last episode of ‘The House Of Windsor: A Royal Dynasty’ will be broadcast across Australia at  6:00 pm on Monday, 26 January 2009.    This episode, ‘A Queen For All Seasons’ covers Queen Elizabeth II's reign. As the TV guide points out this is the longest since Queen Victoria's “and still going strong”.

“It is a romantic story of a princess who fell completely in love with a prince called Philip. As a young mother, she was called suddenly to the throne and ruled with calm authority. All four of her children brought trouble to the Queen's door as adults,” the ABC says.


“Failed royal marriages were a tabloid dream in what became the 'nasty nineties', and Diana's death left its scars . . . Yet as the 21st century arrived, Queen Elizabeth II was hailed as the great survivor, the calm at the centre of the storm. Now in her eighties she seems indestructible,” the guide concludes.

A video showing a series of photographs over the life of the House of Windsor can now be seen on the ACM site. It is well worth watching.




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