November 3

Albanese Government Ramps Up Republic Push

The Albanese government ramps up republic push, embarrassingly inventing reasons to do so.

The Albanese government is ramping up their tired push to impose some unknown politicians’ republic onto a clearly reluctant nation writes Professor David Flint in Spectator Australia on 5 November 2022. But, he says they have embarrassingly invented untruths to justify this.

They say the latter is conditional on both getting a second term and the Voice referendum prevailing. Despite the government pouring millions of taxpayers’ funds directly and indirectly into the Yes case, strong opposition by such principled indigenous leaders as Senator Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine is making Australians increasingly uneasy.

Few like the Albanese government’s proposal that voting rights should be determined by race. Notwithstanding claims to the contrary, voting rights have never before depended on race in Australia, as expert historian Keith Windschuttle carefully explained in a recent ADHTV interview.

The government’s principal justification for imposing some as yet unknown politicians’ republic is an extraordinary twofold fabrication. First, in dismissing the Whitlam government, only the Queen knew of the Governor-General’s intentions and second, Sir John acted in British and not Australian interests. The government should be embarrassed to rely on such outrageous inventions.

The government meekly claims it is also motivated by Scott Morrison’s curious acquisition of portfolios. The simple solution to that folly is to make the practice of announcing such appointments in the Gazette a statutory obligation.

We certainly do not need a referendum to do this. That would be an even bigger overreaction than the multi-million-dollar royal commission the government has already called. As to the form of republic, be assured this will not be a real republic, at least one which applies the Actonian principle about power and its corrupting influence. A real republic, such as our existing crowned republic (except unfortunately during Covid) must surely comply with James Madison’s famous prescription in the Federalist Papers.

This is that its constitution must not only enable the government to control the governed, it must also ‘oblige it to control itself’.

Anticipating such machinations by the Albanese government, ACM National Conference on 9 November 2022 will feature an expert briefing from Lieutenant Colonel Peter O’Brien, author of the most authoritative book, Villain or Victim? A defence of Sir John Kerr and the Reserve Powers.

In addition to a retrospective interview with John Howard on what was the fairest referendum ever held in our history, the conference , streamed and available on ADHTV, will feature contributions from Tony Abbott, Alan Jones and commentator Fred Pawle on the constitutional problems exposed under Covid. There will also be a report from the ACM delegation to the government on their constitutional agenda, where they presented a detailed submission.

Of course, the Albanese government will not be deterred by the holding of a conference. But the reason why ACM, alone among republican or monarchist organisations, has held a national conference every year has been to remain faithful to their principles, to pour their little funding into education rather than upmarket premises or travel, as well as to sharpen the strategy that led them to victory.


David Flint, Politicians Republic

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