October 28

2022 ACM National Conference

Sydney, 9 November 2022

ACM’s 23rd National Conference:

Still Defending the Constitution 

Supporters and members are cordially invited to the Sydney Stage of ACM’s  23rd National Conference on Wednesday, 9 November from 2 pm at 280 Pitt Street Sydney*.

We have cut prices to the bone, $20 (concessions $10).

Described by Tony Abbott as the ‘fiercest defenders’ of the Constitution, ACM remains the only organisation on either side in this struggle:  

  • to hold a national conference every year since the referendum,
  • not to have deviated from our fundamental principles and sound arguments, 
  • to have brutally cut overheads to ensure most funds go directly to informing and educating Australians, especially the young, and   
  • with the experience of actually winning a referendum campaign, prevailing in our campaign to restore NSW Governors to Government House)** and ensuring that other governments do not follow NSW.   

 A key theme of the conference, held in association with the Melbourne-based Monarchist League in Australia, will be a report of the ACM delegation to the Albanese government  over the increasingly discredited three-decade old plan to replace our crowned republic with a politicians’ republic.  

In response, the ACM delegation, which included three of ACM’s Young Ambassadors, presented a detailed submission arguing that the government’s constitutional priority should rather be to ensure that the collapse of checks and balances on the exercise of government power during Covid is never again repeated.  

In examining that issue, we will be presenting exclusive contributions on this important issue from 28th  Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the nation’s leading broadcaster, Alan Jones, as well as Alan’s colleague on Australia’s exciting new media platform ADHTV,  Fred Pawle.

In addition, John Howard will play a keynote role. 

As the 25th Prime Minister, he offered what could not have been a fairer opportunity for the Australian people to determine their constitutional future.   In an exclusive interview, he will expand on this and on the life of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as well as responding to questions on our constitutional future.  

As to the crucial role of the Crown as Reserve Constitutional Guardian, Lt Col Peter O’Brien will provide an expert briefing. He is the author of the recent, highly authoritative book, book, Villain or Victim,  defending the Reserve Powers and Sir John Kerr.    

You can secure your attendance for this important conference using this button.

We do look forward to seeing you at the Conference, 

David Flint  
National Convenor

*This will be in the Henry Carmichael Theatre in the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts building at 280 Pitt Street between Park and Bathurst Streets . This is within walking distance from the Town Hall underground railway station.

**This scene is from a peaceful demonstration of over 25,000 people in Macquarie Street Sydney, the beginning of our eventually successful campaign to restore the NSW Governor to Sydney’s Government House


National Conference

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