May 20

Americans who prefer constitutional monarchy


J Anthony McAlister is a 29 Year old Los Angeles born American, a classically trained musician.

He is also an erudite defender of the institution of constitutional monarchy, and the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Monarchist League.

And as he says in this entertaining extremely professional programme he made at the invitation of the BBC, a surprising number of his fellow countrymen agree.

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In February 2011, Mr. McAlister was invited by the BBC World Service to present the second instalment of a radio documentary exploring the benefits of Monarchy.  For King or Country, Part 2 was first broadcast on 5 April 2011 to an international audience of millions.

It is excellent, and offers a fascinating perspective on monarchy seen from the United States.

You can listen to the programme here on our website

Or you can  download it from iTunes or the BBC Documentary Archive 




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