Invited to a 1999 debate on the republic referendum at an inner city branch of the Liberal Party of Australia, my assertion that constitutional monarchies or crowned republics  were among the world’s most advanced countries was greeted with derision and ridicule.It was difficult to believe this was a branch of the party founded by Sir Robert Menzies. Saying " Well may you laugh," I then recited a list of countries with admirable records, all constitutional monarchies.  this was greeted in resentful silence.The fact is that of the seven oldest continuing democracies, five are constitutional monarchies. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II reigns over four.  The Westminster system has been exported to many countries and has had an unrivalled success, unlike the constitutional  models of the to two oldest ( politicians') republics, the USA and Switzerland.For many years now, ACM has been posting evidence on this site supporting our argument that constitutional monarchy (or as many say  a "Crowned Republic") offers the world’s most consistently successful form of government. This is principally in the United Nations’ annual Human Development Index and in  certain other indices. By ranking countries in a way which is more consistent with this thinking, the HDR report has helped shift the debate away from gross domestic product (GDP) per capita as the only measure of development. Instead, the HDI has provided a summary of each country’s achievement in attaining for its people: ·          A long and healthy life, ·          access to knowledge, and ·          a decent standard of living.A common theme emerges in all of these indices. While constitutional monarchies make up only about 15% of the nations of the world, they are very much over represented among the best performing countrie sin the world. Recent academic research indicates the most important factors in a nation becoming and remaining democratic, prosperous and well educated is its institutions. This surely means that the institutions in a constitutional democracy seem to be particularly appropriate for a nation to become democratic, prosperous, well educated. It is more than a coincidence.

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