March 7

An accident in Paris

According to a report by Stephen Wright on 6 March, 2006 in the London newspaper, the Daily Mail, Lord John Stevens, assisted by a team of no less than ten detectives, plans to release an interim report saying there is no evidence that Diana, Princess of Wales was killed unlawfully, and that it was an accident.


The investigation will be one of the most thorough undertaken.


The findings are expected to answer the many conspiracy theories surrounding the 1997 car crash in a Paris underpass.

The full report will be presented to the Royal Coroner in due course. The coroner is to hold an inquest later this year. His report, if it confirms the conclusion of the French inquiry that this was an accident, should be put an end to the end to the conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, I suspect that they will have a life of their own, becoming even more fantastic and lacking any reality. For various reasons, they will be regurgitated for years to come. There will be rumours, articles, books and even a film or films.

I fear these will, unfortunately, persuade gullible people of the truth of some or other conspiracy which for some strange reason they desperately need to believe in .

Lord Stevens’ team of detectives has apparently found no evidence contradicting French findings that Diana died in a tragic road accident caused by excessive speed. They say even a skilled racing driver would have had difficulty controlling the Mercedes as it hurtled at speed into the Pont d’Alma tunnel.  The tunnel had no guard rails to prevent the car running onto the pillars.

The official French inquiry found that driver Henri Paul was three or four times over the drink-drive limit when he left the Ritz hotel in Paris with the couple and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, pursued  by the paparazzi.

According to the report, it has been established that the driver was working for the French security services and that shortly before the fatal journey met his ‘handler’ for a briefing over a drink.

According to the Mail, claims that the driver Paul was blinded by a bright light before the crash have been discounted.

A new eyewitness, bodyguard Kez Wingfield, 40, who was at Diana’s side in Paris on the final night of her life, has given evidence which rejects many of the wilder stories surrounding the accident. He says the “theory” that  MI6 fixed the fatal car crash on orders from above is “ludicrous” . He points out that” all the arrangements for that journey were changed at the last minute on orders from the Fayeds – the car, the driver, the route, everything."

Lord Stevens’ team is looking into allegations that blood samples taken from Henri Paul by French police were wrongly analysed, or that the blood samples were switched to make the driver appear drunk. The Mail says the team thinks the French may have taken ‘incorrect readings’ from the samples, but their own conclusions from the new tests will be broadly similar.

With such a team, headed by a leading policemen, and then with the coronial inquest , there should be an end to the conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, they will continue.

How sad, particularly for her sons, the young Princes.

Diana, Princess of Wales, should be allowed to rest in peace.


Paris, Princess Diana

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