June 14

Annoy the republican politicians – watch TV and tell everyone

The Queen of Australia Annoy the republican politicians-watch the final of the BBC series, The Queen at 80. Part 1 topped the nation’s ratings, even against the most serious competition, the Rugby Union test, Australia v UK.

In fact annoy all of those republicans who won’t accept the decision of the people in 1999. Annoy all of the republicans who are too dishonest – or too lazy – to work out what they want and tell us, the infamous RWM’s, republicans without a model. Annoy the Mike Carltons, the Peter FitzSimons, the Philip Adams, the Leo Schofields and those other members of the commentariat who have a visceral hatred of royalty and argue nobody is interested in The Queen.

Annoy those pathetic 'mate-for head –of staters.' Annoy the commercial TV broadcasters for not buying- at a modest price- this programme. Annoy the ABC for all the opportunities it consistently missed,and continues to missing, especially (as Harold says in his excellent on line column on royalty, [email protected]), in not planning to show the Trooping of the Colour in this Realm, the Commonwealth of Australia, where Elizabeth reigns as Queen – and especially in this her eightieth year.

Annoy the newpaper TV reviewers who consistently pan these programmes. Annoy the newpaper editors for not showing more photos and publishing more than just negative stories about the Royal Family.

Above all, annoy those perjuring polticians who changed their oaths, especially those who in the most infantile of insults did it just before The Queen arrived. Annoy those politicians who want to end the Queen’s Birthday holiday, and those who want to hide and destroy every symbol of the Australian Crown, the Crown which is a check and balance against their exercise of and abuse of that unbridled power they so long for.

So vote for our constitutional system, the role of the Australian Crown in it –and our Flag -just by sitting back, watching TV and enjoying yourselves as the nation honours , loves and respects our Queen.

And tell your relatives, your friends, and your neighbours. Tell everyone. Copy this and forward it .

This, my friends, is payback time for the perjuring politicians and all those who want to steal our nation and our heritage from us. Watch ABC TV on Sunday evening at 730PM.

Until next time,

David Flint

[email protected]

Incidentally, one reader suggests that if Eddie McGuire could forget his republicanism, he could, at minimum cost, broadcast the Trooping of the Colour and see Channel 9’s ratings rise. And if the ABC wants to forfeit its position as the national broadcaster, SBS could look to its mandate for diversity as it did for the cricket, and show the Trooping of the Colour. After all, The Queen is The Queen of fifteen other Realms. What good advice-and its free.


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