June 17

WA Minister’s disgraceful justification for creeping republicanism

 Cambridge folio Bible of 1629


A new low has been set by another politician attempting to justify creeping republicanism, instead of doing his job. ACM’s Western Australian Convenor, the Hon. Bill Hassell has condemned suggestions from, and the offensive reasons offered by the WA Health Minister, the Hon. Jim McGinty, to rename the King Edward Hospital and the Princess Margaret Hospital when they are moved to the Sir Charles Gardner Hospital Site. (Until recently, all members of the WA Parliament  solemnly swore on the Bible or  affirmed their allegiance to The Queen. They still owe allegiance to Her Majesty.)

The royal titles were bestowed in 1909 and 1949 respectively. Mr McGinty was appearing before an estimates committee hearing in Perth, according to The West Australian of 26 May, 2006. In doing so Mr McGinty had scathingly attacked the character of the late King as a “womanising philanderer” and had been cruel in his references to Princess Margaret, with reckless indifference to the feelings of her sister The Queen, her children and other relatives, friends and admirers. If she had been anyone else, he would have been condemned. It seems as if anything can be said of royalty, and with impunity.

As Mr Hassell said: “Just because he doesn’t like the monarchy, that doesn’t give him the right to be obnoxious.” What has happened to chivalry and decency in public life? Mr McGinty has disgraced the republican movement, supporters of which should disown him. The Premier should discipline him.


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