April 25

Anzac Day must not be politicised.

As the 1999 referendum approached, a well intentioned person suggested ACM supporters should join together under a placard supporting the present constitution in the Anzac march. 

This was overwhelmingly rejected, and the proposer accepted that. Anzac Day is a day when we come together, not when we are divided. 

But today, The Age, published under a version of the Royal Coat of Arms,  has attempted to shatter that unity by using its Anzac Day editorial to argue for the adoption of some unknown politicians’ republic:

“When Australia finally severs its vestigial links with the imperial past, declaring itself to be a republic with its own head of state, we really shall have an independence day, and Anzac Day will not be diminished by it.”


This is a disgraceful attempt to politicise Anzac Day and the service and sacrifice of so many Australians.

The editor should be ashamed. He should apologise.


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