April 24

Anzac Day, 2009

Australia has an extraordinary heritage. One of the world’s oldest and most successful democracies, but with a small population, the nation has played a remarkably significant role in world affairs, and above all, in the struggle for freedom.

It is on Anzac Day that we remember the great services given to the nation – and the world – by the men and women of our armed services.


It is right that we remember Gallipoli, and, more and more, the horrors of the Western front, so superbly explained to this generation by  Les Carlyon  in the   "The Great War "   

It is right, too, that we remember all of the other wars and all of the other campaigns, including of course the Second World War.Our returned servicemen and women deserve our eternal gratitude. In addition we should than those many people and organisations who every year help to ensure that we can honour those who served.   

We should particularly mention Australia Post. Australia Post hands out thousands of flags to those attending the Anzac march. So thank you Australia Post, especially those who organised this, Mr. Stephen Walter and Ms Rachelle McDonald. 


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