May 2

Bob Carr’s silver bullet

Bob Carr has revealed himself in The Australian  2 May 2014 as a true Turnbullian republican. (Don't miss the punch line below) The silver bullet to get a politicians republic is very easy, according to Bob. All you do is you put the same model people overwhelmingly rejected in 1999. You do what Malcolm Turnbull proposed before Kerry Jones and I made our proposal. Malcolm wanted to words deleted from the question: "President" and, believe it or not, "republic".

Bob actually thinks that if you did this the Australian people would be so stupid as not to see the attempt to hoodwink them.

Be assured, Bob, ACM for one will be telling them what you're up to. (No doubt the other three monarchist organisations will be doing the same. This will be another united front just as we had at the convention).

…coalition republican leader?…

And how will this be achieved? Someone from the Coalition rather than Labor. Why, he laments, didn't John Howard do this? The answer Bob is that he honoured his oath of allegiance and believed it constitutional system and the role of the Crown in it. Just as the founder of the Lliberal Party Robert Gordon Menzies did.

So who has Bob in mind to promote a republic? He doesn't say so, but is he suggesting that the future conservative leader who will make Australia a republic is none other than the Member for Wentworth?

By the way, Bob  rejects Bob Hawke's view that the next reign will result in a politicians' republic falling into the pollies laps. '

He quite likes Prince Charles who  would make a "good monarch." He says he makes his republicanism wobble. "Who would we elected in his  place? A general? A tennis star? "  .

How about some of those who have appeared before ICAC?




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