May 4

Canada’s the way it is… because we have a monarchy

“With all due respect to the Northeastern United States, the north shore of Lake Ontario is the real New England, “ reported Edward McClelland in the Boston Globe on 3 May, 2009. "It was settled in the late 18th century by Tories fleeing the American Revolution – Loyal Americans, they called themselves, for their devotion to George III.

"More than two centuries later, their ancestors are still keenly British, remaining loyal to the Crown.”



“Queen Elizabeth visited in 1984 to dedicate the Loyalist Parkway in honor of the pioneers who carried her great-great-great-great-grandfather's flame. The narrow streets of the city were mobbed. Marlene McCracken, chairwoman of Kingston's branch of the Monarchist League, was in the crowd. She is at every royal appearance, most recently Prince Edward's trip to Fort Henry last year.

"'That's our history,'she says.  ' Canada is the way it is because we have a monarchy.'"

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