May 3

New Zealand Governor-General Knighted

The Queen  knighted  the Governor-General of New Zealand, The Hon. Sir Anand Satyanand, at Buckingham Palace on 29 April 2009. Her Majesty conferred upon him the honour of Knighthood as a Knight Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. 

Titles were recently restored in New Zealand, as they should be in Australia. After all, many a republican politican has accepted a foreign  knighthood; what is wrong with Australian ones?

That excellent Canadian site, The Monarchist observed:

"When you bleat on about equality, you destroy real honour. A month ago, the Governor General of New Zealand would not have been eligible for this knighthood, because the former Prime Minister of New Zealand "deeply detests social distinction and snobbery".

Needless to say, The Monarchist deeply detests the enemies of honour and distinction wherever they reside – so thankfully Helen Clark has gone to the U.N. where she belongs, and New Zealand has been restored of her gentle senses and cavalier tastes. Therefore rise Sir Anand, and join the ancient fellowship of knights! "


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