The only serious argument republicans make to advance their cause is that "we need an Australian as Head of State". It was argued nine times in the official Yes case sent to all electors in the 1999 referendum. Malcolm Turnbull told the Parliamentary Committee investigating the referendum bill that replacing The Queen with an Australian citizen as Head of State was the most important part of the change. There is overwhelming evidence that the Governor-General is Head of State. We have posted a large number of articles on this website dealing with this question,  including republican attempts to deny that the Governor General is Head of State. If you wish to point friends or family to this section, they can  click on the icon "Head of State" in the left hand column of our frontpage at selection of our reports and videos follow. The most relevant outside links are: High Court resolves Head of State debate  A report with some quotations on the decision of the High Court in 1907 describing the Governor General as Head of State.  R v Governor of South Australia [1907] HCA 31; (1907) 4 CLR 1497 (8 August 1907)  The full text of the unanimous judgment of the High Court, delivered by Mr Justice Barton (Australia's first Prime Minister). The Governor-General is declared to be "the constitutional head of the Commonwealth".  Quadrant: Head of State debate resolved  Further discussion of the decision in R v South Australia with an account of republican attempts to ignore the overwhelming argument that the Governor-General is Australia's Head of State.