May 16

Celebrating the magic of monarchy

Australians and Danes are united in welcoming the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary in Copenhagen.

 It was wonderful to see the crowds waving a seemingly equal number of Danish and Australian flags as they rejoiced in their many thousands.

The following letter from one of our supporters praises our own head of state’s dignity in attendance:

"…. The Governor-General looked every inch a Head of State in his full dress uniform, nor did Mrs Jeffery let us down. They entered the cathedral with other heads of state and royal guests less immediately connected to the Danish Royal Family."

We are told Australians at home also joined in the magic of the ceremony with overwhelming numbers watching our own Fairy Princess marry her Prince. Republicans who tried to knock this joyous occasion have seriously miscalculated in their timing. In these hard times of global horrors there is probably nothing that can match the magic, enchantment and spirituality of such a Royal Ceremony.

Danish media report that over 80% of Danes support their monarchy. 

No doubt Australians support for the instiution of monarchy has been strengthened, if the reaction of the republicans is any indication.


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