May 17

Republicans target Oath of Allegiance -which they have sworn!

The Constitutional Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Bill ,2004, has been introduced into the New South Wales Parliament.

Proposed by republicans, it seeks  to abolish the Oaths of Allegiance MP’s and Ministers are required to take under the State Constitution ,as well as the Ministers’ Oath of Service to The Queen.

These would be replaced by a pledge of loyalty and a Minister’s Oath that deletes any reference to The Queen. This is being proposed by republican Members of Parliament who themselves have, sometimes more than once, sworn an Oath or affirmed their Allegiance to The Queen!

 The proposed new pledge is: (Under God,) I pledge my loyalty to Australia and to the people of New South Wales.

The bracketed words are voluntary. This is being done notwithstanding the strong No vote against the republic in 1999, and the clear provisions entrenching the Crown in the Federal and State Constitutions, as well as in the Australia Act, 1986.

ACM will be doing everything possible to oppose this dreadful bill. However it seems likely that Bob Carr will have the numbers to bulldoze it through the Parliament. It has already gone to the NSW Upper House which is currently in recess.

 We will keep all supporters informed of when the Upper House debate is likely to occur and will encourage all ACM supporters to strongly oppose this latest attempt at republicanism by stealth.

If this is what they will do when the peole clearly say No, just imagine what the republican politicians would do if they could secure a Yes vote in a future plebiscite!

No doubt electors will let their MP’s know what they think of this disgraceful example of creeping republicanism.


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