November 8

Citizenship, your vote on the Oath… and Charles in America- The True Story

A current issue is whether becoming an Australian citizen is too easy.

Now the British have decided to test those wishing to take British nationality.

According to Philip Johnston, the Home Affairs Editor of the London Daily Telegraph of 1 November, 2005, foreigners applying to become British citizens will be expected to know in which part of the country Geordie is spoken – though they will not necessarily have to understand it.

But they will not need to know who Nelson was or be able to list kings and queens.

But monarchists need not despair.

Apart from the location of various regional accents, the role and function of the monarchy will be among the areas of national life on which applicants will be tested before naturalisation.

You can read the report, "Exam criticised for leaving out history but including regional accents".


Some readers have had difficulty accessing NSW parliamentarian Dr Jon Jenkins’ poll on the Oath of Allegiance.

You may recall Dr Jenkins believes the Oath should be retained as an option.

We have written to him about access to the vote. Dr Jenkins checked the site today and accessed the voting page himself.

We then checked the site too.

To vote, we recommend you go to Dr Jenkin’s Home Page.

Then, among the panels on the left, click on "CITIZEN VOTING"

Then you will come to a list of polls.There are three.

Go to the first, which relates to the"Pledge of Loyalty". At the end of the line, click on "here".


Much, indeed faar too much of modern journalism is agenda driven. This involves the journalist presenting a story to fit a preconceived agenda.

The visit of Prince Charles and his wife to the US is an example.

Malevolent journalists decided that the spin they would put on the visit was that it was "boring".

They wrote too soon, and now they have egg on their faces.

It has been anything but boring.

When the Prince’s passion for architecture won him a $25,000 prize,he impressed Americans by his decision to donate the money to help rebuild communities in hurricane-ravaged Mississippi.

The prince said the prize money would go to his Foundation for the Built Environment. He said the foundation had already sent a design team to Mississippi last month and had produced designs to help rebuild nine towns on the Gulf Coast.

Charles said. "I only hope that my foundation can play a small part in the work that is now under way to begin reconstruction"

When they visited New orleans, one lady said :

"Unlike our politicians, he actually listened"

Unfortunately, I did not see a TV extract of a speech on osteoporosis given by the Duchess.

A friend did. His comment was that she was charming and graceful. He said she delivered her speech with an assurance and style which would put many of our republican politicians and media to shame.

Until next time

David Flint


Oath of Allegiance, Prince Charles

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