July 25

Creeping Republicanism

When we were discussing the latest example of republican vandalism by the NSW government, we said that ACM had no intention of passively accepting these increasing,unwanted and unapproved doses of creeping republicanism, whether in NSW or any other state, or territory, and whichever level of government is the perpetrator.

We said ACM would record all these instances of creeping republicanism, we would name the perpetrators, we would estimate the cost of act of vandalism and then to publish these on our website and elsewhere -when we think it timely.

The electors will no doubt be interested to know what some of their representatives have been doing.

So send them in! By post or email.


Open with a brief summary:


(1) the date and place;
(2) a brief description;
(3) those responsible;
(4) an estimate of the cost, if you have that and where this comes from.

If you want to send details, send them after the summary.

Dr John Brett, of our Toowoomba Branch has made a superb recommendation. If you can get photographs or videos of what is to go, let us have them. You may even be able to take photos or videos of the republican vandals chipping away at our symbols!

You can go back to past acts of treachery, too! Let’s make this as detailed as we can.

Let’s embarrass those republican politicians with details of what they get up to and how much of your money they spend!

Until next time,
David Flint


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