July 22

The Prince, The Teacher and The Media


You may have seen reports about one of Prince Harry’s teachers who claimed she had helped the Prince cheat in his exams.

You probably did-they were headline news.

The teacher claimed that a senior member of staff “forced her’ to contribute the written material the Prince had submitted for an assessment.

This teacher saw nothing unethical in secretly taping her student without his consent.

The tribunal rejected her claim, finding that she had altered her evidence.

It appears the teacher thought her claim would be more impressive if she dragged her student into it.

I would have thought that this should have attracted a significant sanction, but for other reasons they found the school had unfairly dismissed her.

Needless to say, the reports of this finding were not as sensational as the media stories which headlined her allegation, which has turned out to be untrue!

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David Flint


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