July 25

Republic: Even Malcolm Turnbull Pessimistic

Malcolm Turnbull has just delivered another blow to the hopes of the republican movement.

He had already warned that the current ARM-Latham plan would face a defeat more significant that in 1999.

This envisaged Australians eventually voting on the “Mark Latham” republican model, the one with a directly elected president.

Mr. Turnbull does not believe that the advent of a republican prime minister will make a republic more likely.

He told the ABC TV Insider’s programme on 24 July 2005:"The fact is that the next obvious time for this issue to be on the front burner is not when there is a change in prime minister but when there is a change in monarch."

"Because then people will sit back and say, `Ok, there's been a change in the environment, a change in the monarch, let's reconsider this issue'."

Even then he displayed no optimism that the people of Australia would want a republic at that time.

His comments have come as a most serious setback to the republican movement.

The republican movement has, since the referendum, put all its efforts into tactics which have all failed.

One was a series of stunts, such as the ludicrous demand The Queen “give back” Tom Roberts painting, a painting which actually hangs permanently in Parliament House, Canberra!

Then there was the failed demonisation of Prince Charles and Camilla.

And then there was the expensive spin- doctor driven proposal that Australians be forced to vote not once but three more times on this issue.

This convoluted process is expected to culmiminate in a referendum on the “Mark Latham” model, which Mr Turnbull says would be overwhelmingly rejected.

In the meantime, the republican politicians, who are failing to perform, continue to waste their time and our money on their creeping republican campaigns.

ACM intends to show the public just how out of touch they are.

Until next time,
David Flint


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