April 9

Crown returns to Parliament

Congratulations to the presiding officers of the New South Wales Parliament, the Hon Don Harwin and the the Hon Shelley Hancock , overturning attempts to achieve republicanism by stealth. Not only are the royal portraits to be returned to the main dining room, the Strangers Room, and the Oath of Allegiance restored, the Crown will be returned to the Parliamentary Crest.

Why is it that some republicans will not accept the wishes of the people?   Why do they try to impose creeping republicanism on a reluctant people?

[Signatories to a Memorandum of Understanding to ensure the continued development of the Parliament of NSW Aboriginal Art Prize; an annual exhibition designed to recognise and promote Aboriginal artists in NSW (left to right) Professor Ian Howard; the Hon. Victor Dominello; the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, the Hon. Shelley Hancock; Mr Bill Champion; the President of the Legislative Council, the  Hon. Don Harwin; Cr Paul Lake]



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