May 2

ABC finally wakes up to republican stunt

It is understandable that the republicans will be disappointed by polling trends and the reception Australians have given the Royal wedding.

Immediatley after the wedding the republican movement released a story that The Queen had ordered Julia Gillard to make Australia a republic.

As we explained here on Sunday, The Queen has been clear and consistent on this.

It is a matter for us; she will do her duty and she will still respect us whatever we decide.


The story about her issuing an order obviously seemed a fabrication. So we sent out a media release on Sunday morning 1 May explaining this.It was too late for the ABC’s Insiders on Sunday morning (1/5). Two of them seemed to treat this story with some seriousness.  (But by Monday the ABC called off an interview with the republican author of this story.)

Kerry- Anne Walsh even suggested that the Prime  Minister should act on it provides it were accurate.


The journalists on the Insiders – all republicans- also offered some insights into the Royal Wedding. Gerard Henderson was the most sensible.



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