November 26

Do not allow this politician to take away our oldest holiday


Australians for Constitutional Monarchy

26 November 2011

Don’t let this politician take away our oldest holiday

 “The plan to get rid  of the oldest public holiday in this country is really an attempt to circumvent the will of the people,” said ACM’s Executive Director, Jai Martinkovits, 24, who has just been appointed to a position once held by Tony Abbott.

He was referring to Labor Senator Matt Thistlethwaite’s proposal to can The Queen’s Birthday.

“What Senator Thistlethwaite clearly wants is a politicians’ republic, but he knows he can’t get it democratically.

“Every state rejected this in 1999 – it was such a landslide 72% of electorates  voted no. 

“So the Senator is trying to get around this with creeping republicanism – getting rid of everything that reminds us of our constitutional system“He’ll be onto the flag next,” added ACM’s National Convenor Professor David Flint.

“After wasting millions on this issue the politicians have finally conceded  that the people aren’t interested in a republic,” he added.“

"This applies just as much to young people,” says Jai, referring to the recent Morgan Poll survey tabled at the ACM National Conference just before The Queen’s visit. 

“That’s why the politicians say they are putting if off until the next reign.”



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