May 8

Election Looms – Republic Stand To


With an election now called for 18 May, it is essential that we be ready in the event of Labor and the Greens prevailing. This is not because we are taking a political position; as we demonstrated at our last National Conference, the greatest Labor leaders in the history of our nation have been constitutional monarchists.

The republic is not an issue in the election and was hardly mentioned in the election campaign until I was twice asked about it on Sky Television. The first question  and the answer are on our Facebook at

As to the election, ACM has never tried to tell members how to vote, rather we have seen our role as being to inform constitutional monarchists.

I am sure that you know that in this election both Labor and the Greens are committed not only to imposing some unknown form of politicians’ republic on a reluctant nation,  but to achieving this by going against, if not the letter, certainly the spirit of the Constitution.

I do ask you to bear this in mind when you vote not only in the House but also in the Senate where you may vote above or below the line.

Of parties represented in the Federal and other parliaments,  some Liberals including the Prime Minister and other prominent members and senators are constitutional monarchists as I believe are most Nationals and those from the Christian Democrats, One Nation, Conservatives, Conservative Nationals, UAP probably  Katter’s Australian Party and others you may be aware of.
As to our campaign, I should tell you that we are having a great success in reaching out to a large number of supporters, including a very high percentage of young people, all achieved by voluntary work on, as they say, the smell of an oily rag.

This has involved the release of topical material on various matters on the Facebook page which, if you have not seen it,  I do recommend you investigate.  Just go to

On the strong recommendation, especially of youth delegates to the National Conference, we have released a number of short ‘opinion’ videos on a wide range  of topics which we are putting on Facebook and on our TV channels, Monarchy  Australia TV and  Aussie Crown TV

These have included comment on Royal Randwick and  the Queen Elizabeth Stakes,  how young Royals help Australians at no cost and in a way republican politicians never could, great Labor leaders who were constitutional monarchists,  the Governor-General being received in Paris as only a Head of State could be, how Elizabeth might have also reigned over France, as well as on the election.

Could I also ask you to pencil in your diaries Wednesday 18 June? We will be holding a major event in Sydney on the afternoon and early evening. I shall be sending out details soon.

Let me assure you again, that with

  • our unique experience as the only organisation extant in Australia that has actually run a successful No case in a major referendum against massive and wealthy political, media and celebrity opposition,
  • our unique experience in our long but successful campaign to restore the Governor to NSW Government House, which began with our calling one of the largest non-union demonstrations ever held  in Macquarie Street Sydney and continued with a persistent, powerful and ideologically sound follow-up,
  • our winning  over 72% of the constitutional monarchist vote for the Constitutional Convention and thus being able  to forge and lead a united front with the other five small monarchist groups,
  • because of winning that 72% vote, our  being awarded 80% of the seats, including the chairmanship, on the official Vote No Committee,
  • what can be best called  our  present ‘digital dream team’, and
  • the fact that we alone have been audited annually since our formation in 1993,

you can rely on Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Australia’s oldest and largest constitutional monarchist association, to lead the No campaign in any future vote on a republic.

Until next time,


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