May 9

Elites missing the bus

Forget amateur climate change, indigenous policy and  border protection, declares The Spectator Australia on 7 May 2011.

“If ever an issue served as a bright-line divider between the progressive elite and what John Howard called the innate commonsense conservatism the Australian electorate, it would have to be the issue of becoming a republic,” writes the editor. And he is no monarchist.


Referring to the recent Newspoll, he says republicans will have to do more than wait out the end of the current reign.

…inner city elites

To succeed Republicans need to make the case that a republic is worthwhile and “not just the hobbyhorse of inner-city dwellers who drive Priuses with ‘A Resident for President’ stickers firmly attached to the back bumper.”

He warns that it would be exceedingly difficult for a conservative with republican sympathies to join the ranks of the republicans “popularly thought to be a mass of grumpy, Green,self regarding,bridge-walking, basket- weaving, broadsheet-letter-to-the-editor writing fundamentalist atheists looking to solve a non-problem with a complicated solution that will ultimately make things worse, not better.”

In short, he writes, republicans are “perceived as arrogant and out of touch with the Australian community.  They're looking to impose change returned sake very unconservative thing to do.”

…the details, my dear elites, the details..


“For Australia to move away from constitutional monarchy, we will need to have a worthwhile alternative on offer and one that appeals to a broad cross-section of the community. 

“The general vibe in favour of republic is meaningless in the referendum without a viable alternative would be destabilised since the editor.

You won’t be surprised to know that I could not agree more.


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