January 6

Flag changing republicans rebuffed


…Flag changing republicans rebuffed…

We mentioned recently that it had not taken long for flag the changing republicans to try to ride on the new government’s electoral victory and persuade them to throw away their capital in tearing up our flag and shredding our constitution.

 A letter to this effect from Horace Consandine, of Malabar, NSW, was not only published in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph on 26 December, 2007.

An identical letter  appeared in  the Sun Herald on four days later, on 30 December, 2007 under the title” Republic beckons.”

 Mr Constantine no doubt upset those left at the official republican movement. Since the 1999 debacle they have been pretending that flag change is no longer on their agenda. That is in a different drawer so to speak. That doesn’t fool anyone. Mr. Consandine is only saying what most “passionate” republicans are thinking.

 Can you just imagine what they would do if they ever got whatever sort of  secret republic they are planning.

We are pleased to see the Sun Herald on 6 January, 2007 published three letters in reply to Mr.Consandine.  



…Say no to change…

Doug Brennan of Vincentia  wrote:

I was rather alarmed and surprised by the letter from Horace Consandine . As a decent, retired, hardworking Australian, I, for one, am proud of our democratic constitution as it is, proud to have served with our wonderful Australian flag not far away, which is part of our history and tradition. No change is needed or necessary.


…Let constitution stand…

David Knowles of Chittaway Bay wrote:

 Horace Consadine thinks that wall-to-wall Labor governments are a reason to dump our constitution in favour of a republic. The absolute opposite is the case. One party domination increases the need to maintain our politically independent head of state, the Australian governor-general. We need only look to the other side of the Pacific to observe the costs ¬political, social and financial- of a politically-elected presidency: Watch the process through the US election and then stop to think whether you really want a political president.


…Republic an upset …

J. A. Kirkpatrick of Darling Point wrote :

 As one of Mr Consandine's "decent and hardworking Australians", I am hardly impressed by his reason that Australia "must become a republic and get a new flag without delay". Since when do wall-to-wall Labor governments and Greens in the Senate mean Australians must forfeit their right to peace and political stability that a republic cannot replace? Does Mr Consandine not read overseas news?



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