July 10

Girl Guides – Outrage Continues

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, to its credit, continues to allow the public to express its views about the decision to drop God , The Queen and the notion of obedience from the Girl Guides’ pledge. But is this the decision of the Girl Guides, or of those those who have taken over the control the movement,

In the meantime,  the Telegraph – which has the largest circulation of any daily newspaer in New South Wales and the second largest in Australia after the Melbourne Herald – Sun-  has published a number of letters on this question. As with the poll, the overwhelming majority of thse are critical of the decision.

[ Princesses Margaeret & Elizabeth, Girl Guides ]

Roger Hedley of Rockdale writes:

God and Queen are no longer a guide for girls begs the question; with God and Queen discarded all what replaces them?  Australia's future president and a prominent celebrity.

Nev Thorly of Cudgen writes :

The girl guides dumped the Queen.  Chalk up another victory to the leftiesMichael writes:The modernisation of the girl guides "in tune with the times" will be the end of them.

 ….losing the very best of role models…

J a Kirkpatrick of  Darling Point  writes:

What better role model for girls than one who puts duty before self is loyal to her beliefs who is probably the hardest working woman of her age in the world?  That the guide's management is disassociating the movement from Queen Elizabeth, and instructing her picture be removed, is a sad and damning commentary on the disastrous downward slide of this once magnificent organisation.  

….Deity still has a place in our spiritual lives… 

J Lawson of Double Bay writes:

I believe it is sad that children are denied learning about the spiritual side of life.  There is nothing outdated about God.
The Queen is a highly regarded world leader and there's a lot to say for the protection of democracy that the British monarchy represents and its relevance to Australia.
I loved being in the Girl Guides.

 …Not relevant and not needed in Australia…

Samuel Bruce, Bathurst writes:

As a young person living in a regional area, I support the guides in removing God and The Queen from their allegiance.The only young people I am aware of who support the Royals are ones who followed the Royal wedding in gossip magazines.Pperhaps I am too young to remember any contributions The Queen has made Australia, certainly she has not done anything for me personally.Good on the GirlGuides, the Royal family is no longer relevant nor needed in Australia.  

 …Hands off God and The Queen for Guides..

P Cummins of Wauchope writes:

I don't know what radical group is running the Girl Guides but they need to be sacked before doing more harm.I am disgusted that they wish to drop reference to God and the Queen from the Pledge and until it is returned, the Guides should be banned from any public support.

Joan writes:

What a lovely picture of the Queen and her sister!  With no God and no monarch to look up to, God help the Girl Guides.  RHR writes:Australia should eventually become a Republic, but we're not there yet.  The guide oath should not be changed yet. Lloyd Russell of Warriewood writes: The girl guides decision to turf out God and The Queen but serve the community is their decision.  So long as they don't end up serving a political party and its leader  


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