December 1

“In Praise of The Prince of Wales” – Part 3 – Will he succeed?



In the final part of this address, Professor Flint answers several questions concerning the succession.

These include:

1. Will Prince Charles succeed the Queen?
2. Will Australia become a republic?
3. And what of Camilla – how will she be known?

Professor Flint says that Prince Charles will most definitely succeed the Queen.  He dismisses newspaper talk about "skipping a generation".  This just will not happen, it should not happen and Prince William would not allow it to happen.

Nor will the end of the reign be the silver bullet which delivers a politicians' republic. Professor Flint explains why this will not happen.

As to the title of Camilla Duchess of Cornwall on the succession, she would normally become Queen Consort.  At the time of the marriage of the Prince and the Duchess, it was said that on the succession, she would be known as the Princess Consort.  There is no doubt that it is within the prerogative of a King to effect this.

But it seems that on reflection, this is now unlikely and that the normal convention will prevail – the Duchess will be known as Queen Consort, or simply Queen.

Will she be Queen of Australia?  No, not in the strict sense.  There is only one Royal title in Australia and that is of the reigning sovereign.  The King will be King of Australia and his wife will be the Queen Consort.  Of course in popular parlance they will be referred to as The king and Queen of Australia.

Professor Flint summarises his conclusions to the three questions at 16.59 minutes on this video.

These are:

1. Who is Prince Charles?
2. How important is he to the governance of Australia, the United Kingdom and indeed the Commonwealth?
3. Will he succeed the Queen?  This raises corollary issues about a republic – a politicians' republic – and the way Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, will be formally described.


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