May 14

Inglorious Republicans

In reviewing Geoffrey Robertson’s book, The Tyrranicide Brief”, in the January-February 2006 issue of Quadrant, (Volume L Number 1-2) John Izzard sees a similarity between the Cromwellians and the “self-appointed ‘puritans’ who sought to impose a republic on the people of Australia. His review is one of two in Quadrant, “Inglorious Republicans (1) and (2) .

The other is by Patrick Morgan. He says that neither the Cromwellians nor Australia’s republicans in 1999 knew what they wanted or how their republic would work. Their driving motive was simply a desire to get rid of the monarchy; their driving force was resentment, and not any notion that the new system would do any better.

One of Her Majesty’s Counsel, Mr. Robertson is a passionate republican. But in drawing an analogy between King Charles 1 and dictators such as Saddam Hussein, he is drawing an extremely long bow. As Patrick Morgan observes, Geoffrey Robertson’s view leads to the conclusion that most historical rulers in Europe, and all civil war leaders would deserve tyrannicide trials – a ridiculous position.

 Mr. Michael Hodgman QC, shadow Attorney General and leader of the ACM group in the Tasmanian Parliament, will deliver a more balanced assessment of the role of the King at the ACM lunch for the Queen’s Birthday, Parliament House Sydney on Friday, 16 June, 2006


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