April 5

Join Royal Wedding celebrations across the nation

The wedding of HRH Prince William to Ms. Catherine Middleton will be celebrated across Australia. Much of this will centre on the television transmission which will attract an enormous audience.

In the meantime, ACM divisions across the country are working on local celebrations of the wedding. Details of these will be announced as soon as possible.

In Sydney there will be a special event on Friday, 29th April at Parliament House in Sydney.  You can download the brochure here.

…Hon Diana Fisher…

Our special guest speaker is the very well known media personality, the Hon. Diana Fisher OAM. Mrs Fisher has long been engaged by the Australian and British media for her superb commentaries and insights into Royal Occasions, going back to the marriage of the late Princess Margaret in Westminster Abbey on 6th May 1960.

To mark this significant occasion, guests will also be sharing a celebratory wedding cake, made especially for this occasion.


In the meantime a dinner has been arranged by the Victorian Division in Melbourne on 29 April at 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm at the popular Morgan’s at 401  in Collins Street with special guest  Senator The Hon George Brandis SC Federal Shadow Attorney General.

After the Senator’s speech, guest will be able to watch the Royal Wedding on TV screens in the Dining Room.

You can download the brochure here.


A luncheon has been arranged by the Queensland Division on 29 April at 12 noon for 12.30 pm at the United Services Club, 183 Wickham Terrace.  You can download the brochure here. 


The ACT  and  Region Branch of ACM will be commemorating the forthcoming Royal Wedding with a lunch to be held on Wednesday 27 April 2011. Contact Caroline Ross-Smith Secretary of the Branch on  [email protected] or at 4 Malara St Waramanga, ACT 2611 or phone Gary Kent on (02) 6260 7343.

…ACM media collections …


In addition, ACM has launched three special internet collections of news, images and videos,  The Royal Wedding Story,  Prince William in Australia, and Prince William: The Early Years.

Just click on the icons on the front page of this website, www.norepublic.com.au  ,  now the most visited constitutional monarchist website in the world.

Prince William’s visit to Australia also leads the reports in the latest issue of the nation’s oldest and only monarchist newspaper, Australian Constitutional Monarchy, which is posted to all financial supporters.

If you have not received yours, or want to help us in our work, just call us at the national office (02) 92512500.  ACM operates on a minimum budget, and all our accounts are audited and publicly accessible.



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