July 25

Leading Federalist Society To Discuss Republic


Australia’s Samuel Griffith Society is the Australian version of the US  Federalist Society which has been much in the news concerning President Trump’s fulfilment of his key campaign promise about filling Supreme Court vacancies.

A feature of the  30th Annual Conference in Brisbane on 3 to 5 August will be a session on “An Australian Republic?” with three prominent speakers, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, Professor David Flint AN and barrister and writer Gray Connolly.

The subject of the address by Hon. Tony Abbott MP will be “In defence of our current constitutional arrangements”, Prof. David Flint will speak on “More than a waste of time and money, a significant obstacle to constitutional reform” and  Gray Connolly will speak on “Crown or republic: there is no via media”.

Each paper will be open for discussion.

Follow this link to obtain a copy of the full programme and contact details.



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