March 9

Monarchists should celebrate, says The Australian

Monarchists can shout themselves a small sherry tonight to celebrate the admission by the Australian Republican Movement that there is not likely to be an oz republic for a few more years,” says DD McNicoll in Strewth in The Australian on 9 March.

“John Warhurst, senior deputy chairman of the ARM, reckons republicans have a reasonable chance of success but a ‘republic is not inevitable.’”

“In Canberra last Friday, Warhurst said despite a continuing decline in the monarchy in Australia the odds are against the country moving to a republic ‘ in the short to medium term’.

“’It is more likely than not that the Rudd government will choose not to act even should it win a second term,’ Warhurst says.

“‘Should Malcolm Turnbull become PM prior to the end of the reign of the present monarch, it is more likely than not that he will choose not to act.’

“Warhurst says opinion polls still show Australians support a republic, but says politicians have failed to lead the debate.”

The fact is no well known opinion poll says that. They say the opposite.


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