March 9

Republican royal “expert” gets it wrong

According to The Age, Guy Rundle is  “an Australian writer living in England.”  The newspaper forgot to use the crucial adjective "Marxist”, in referring to the ABC Fairfax and Crikey journalist. 

In a distinctly sour piece on 1 March about the recently unveiled statue of the Queen Mother, he quite viciously – and one suspects jealously – insults both Prince William and Prince Harry. 

He then goes on to declare, ludicrously, that  Australia will be a ( politicians') republic, presumably soviet, by 2010.   

In  a letter published in The Age on 8 March under the heading “Rundle full of rubbish” , Harold Schmautz asks :

“What  kind of a royal expert is Guy Rundle if he doesn't even get the names right? The Queen Mother was not born Mary Bowes-Lyon, but Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon. According to Rundle, she 'has almost completely faded from public consciousness', but in July 2008, when the memorabilia of her former manservant William Tallon was auctioned, the 700 items fetched record prices.”

“A note from the Queen Mother instructing Tallon to pack "two small bottles of Dubonnet and gin . . . in case it is needed" was expected to fetch up to $620. It went to a phone bidder for $33,000.”

“Calling the Prince of Wales 'inveterately odd' may be republican speak, but Prince Charles talked about climate change long before Penny Wong imagined there might be a job for her. And when it comes to Charles' opposition to GM crops, well, he is certainly in accord with the majority of Australians … How odd!”

Incidentally why on the same day did The Age give valuable letter space to another republican royal watcher. Surely such people have enough access to the media without squeezing out real people?



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