March 10

More Knowledge of Monarchy is Favoured – Daily Advertiser

Young ACM Spokesman, Jai Martinkovits, was recently invited to speak to ACM's Wagga Wagga branch.

After delivering a three tiered address, covering ACM's recent achievements, outlining our Civics Education Project – The Crowned Republic – and providing a clear picture of what's on the horizon, those present felt informed and a part of the National Office projects.

The local media, the Daily Advertiser, were present and produced the following feature.

Taken from the Daily Advertiser, Click here for full size piece.

After concluding an interview with the two young journalists in attendance, Jai asked them if they would mind sharing their views on our current Constitutional arrangements.

He was not surprised to learn that one journalist, the younger of the two, had learned nothing about the issues (although he completed legal studies). The other, only slightly older, female journalist did not feel it to be an important issue, but, if pressed, would not want things to change. She believes that they are working well the way they are.


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