August 2


We have just seen the latest copy of this excellent magazine of the Greek Royalist Association. The Chairman, George Bougias, gave a marvellous account of the history of the Greek and other monarchies at our last National Conference. One of the features of the magazine is a summary of some of ACM’s recent Hot News . Congratulations to George who is speaking at a conference of the Monarchist Alliance in Melbourne on 28 and 29 August. George can be contacted on

In the meantime the ACM July August newletter is hot off the presses, and it is superb. This isue is a broadsheet, which is the format preferred by the Canadian Monarchist League. The team, editor Diana Melleuish, Betty Hart Ben Caldwell, Phoung Van and of course the ubiquitous Kerry jones derserve to be congratulated. I did my bit by spotting the front page photo in the Courier Mail of The Queen and Prince Phillip receiving the Governor-General and Mrs Jeffery.

It was the title that excited me most-HEAD OF STATE MEETS MONARCH

This sums up, succinctly, the constitutional position.


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