March 27

No politicians republic until at least 2073

With headlines such as “Long it rained, and long may he” (March 20), and banners saying “Our shining prince" to greet Prince William,  I think we can kiss the republic goodbye until at least the end of his reign ( his grandfather is 90), which brings us up to 2073, writes Roseanne Schneider of Yerong, Queensland. 

This appears  in a letter to the editor of mass circulation Sunday newspaper, The Sun Herald, published on 27 March, 2011.

Leading constitutional expert – and prominent republican –  Professor Greg Craven says  that if what most commentators  believe is the most popular model of a politicans' republic is actually put to the people, it will ensure that Australians live under the reign not only of King Charles III but also King William V.

The republican politicians have already given up on even the remote possibility of any chnage under Her Majesty. As Malcolm Turnbull admitted to his diary four months before the referendum:

" We have Buckley's chance of winning. Nobody is interested."

We know because he published his diary…afterwards


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