July 7

Outrage at Girl Guides management

The Sydney Daily Telegraph on 6 July 2012 carried a full report on the Girl Guide management decision to drop any reference to God and The Queen from the Guiding Promise.

They also conducted a poll, asking “Are the Girl Guides right to ditch God and the Queen from their pledge?”

The results were:

  • Yes 33.71% (3307 votes)
  • No 66.29% (6502 votes)

          Total votes: 9809


  …guiding’s  changing times…

 The  Telegraph published for letters on the girl guides new clench on 7 July 2012.  

Mike of Newtown, NSW wrote:

Where is the argument in support of the statement that being modern means ditching our traditional values?

I'll bet girl guides in Muslim countries will continue to honour a liar. 

God is God.  All religions worship a God. 

God is non-specific; the differences lay in the direction of approach.Wires Australia meekly surrendering its traditional values? 

If people migrate to Australia, they must come with a commitment to integrate and to embrace our national values.

Australia is a constitutional monarchy and if migrants have a problem with that, then they should not immigrate to Australia.

The Australian girl guide organisation is not becoming modern, it's just advocating the selfish "me" generation will only believe in themselves. 

Terrie  sent the following text:

How pathetic the new guide oath is, and penned by those who, once more, want to change the Aussie way of life.  Big changes by little minded stealthy PC – erators. 

 …..from traditional values…. 

 Ken Morris of West Hoxton NSW writes:Well, the powers that be in the Girl Guides have decided to rob our girls of the Australian tradition and culture of honouring God and Queen. 

Is it any surprise that the republicans have decided to exploit the next generation by toying with the status quo and pushing the political agenda on the innocent? 

To do so in the year of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is particularly rude and in poor taste. 

I would be interested to know if those that change the oath to the original one.  If they did, they haven't kept it very well.

 ….the heart of our nation….

Dick Filmer of Manly Vale, NSW writes:Taking God and The Queen away from the Girl Guides’ pledge is nothing short of barbarism.God and the Queen are  the standards from which we live, with the Queen as a monarch and the God as our saviour.

I don't care how the world has progressed over the past 50 years – this should not be an excuse to abandon our core values. 

This is just another example of political correctness out of control.



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