July 7

They dropped God, Queen – Girl Guides management


The announcement that Girl Guides Australia has actually dropped God and The Queen from the oath of allegiance, replacing it with a wishy washy statement shows their management is completely out of touch with mainstream Australia. These extracts are from reports broadcast by the Seven national TV network, and BBC World in which  Jai Martinkovits, ACM's executive director  presents a young monarchist's view.

 "The fact is that Australians agreed to unite in a Federal Commonwealth under God and the Crown. And that hasn't changed" said Executive Director, Jai Martinkovits.

"As recently as 1999, the people reaffirmed this with an overwhelming majority in all States and in 73% of electorates. In fact, our politicians know there is so much support for our constitutional monarchy that, despite their strong republican beliefs, will not touch the issue with a ten foot barge pole" he continued. 

Some time ago, ACM put in a submission to Girl Guides Commissioner, Belinda Allen, voicing our concerns about the proposed changes.

We were told they would be listening to their grassroots membership. ACM calls on Girl Guides Australia to release the methods and findings of any such research.
Jai Martinkovits audio blog on this issue can be accessed here: http://bit.ly/M94qNi


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