October 3

Pride in our country

Australians, followed by Canadians, have a higher "trust, admiration, respect and pride" in their country than do the citizens of any other developed country, according to a poll in The Economist (29/9).

In a poll of 33 nations by the Reputation Institute, a branding consultancy, people were asked to rate their trust, admiration, respect and pride in their country. The results are presented in The Economist as an index.

“By this measure, Australians are almost as exuberant about their country as they are about sport, and lead the list. They are followed closely by Canadians,” reports the journal.

 On explanation offered is that Australia and Canada are regarded as having two of the most stable economies in the world, reports Andrew Main in The Australian (2/10). 

Although some Australian senators think otherwise, they are both constitutional monarchies. Canada described itself a dominion rather than kingdom, more out of deference – even perhaps fear –  of the United States.  Australia chose the term commonwealth , proposed originally by Sir Henry Parkes, who saw Australia as already a republic.  

They are both constitutional monarchies. And as those great defenders of the constitution, the former Prime Minister John Howard, the former High Court Justice Michael Kirby and former Minister of the Crown Tony Abbott say, they are thus crowned republics. 


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