May 9

Prince Charles’ accession will not deliver republic, declares leading republican


You could not find a more committed republican in Australia than former NSW Premier, the Hon. Bob Carr.

ACM crossed swords with him over his 1996 decision to expel the Governors of the State from Government House, Sydney, calling a peaceful demonstration of over 20,000 people against this outside Parliament.

This is by far the  largest demonstration ever held in Australia about the monarchy-republic debate.

His advice to republicans that the end of the reign is not going to be a silver bullet which causes some politicians' republic to fall into their laps will surprise many republicans.

The Prime Minister and the former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull argue that moves to a republic should be put off until the end of the reign.

Mr. Carr told the ABC Q&A programme on 28 April, 2011:

"But I question the republican hope that with her passing there will be a shift in opinion in Australia. I think that's been expressed so often it's now beginning to grate a bit and it deserves more examination. I think Charles' succession to the throne will probably lead to a surge of additional dynastic fervour and attachment. I think the republican job will continue to be hard in Australia.



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