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Prince Charles to lead tributes to The Queen


Prince Charles is planning a televised address to the nation to mark The Queen’s 80th birthday this year, according to Christopher Morgan writing in The Sunday Times January 08, 2006

Our attention was drawn to this by an email from the Monarchist Alliance in Melbourne: 

The broadcast is expected to be transmitted on the eve of his mother’s actual birthday on Friday, 21 April, 2005.

We hope that the ABC, SBS and the commercial networks follow suit at different times.

Prince Charles previously broadcast short televised tributes to the Queen Mother and to Princess Margaret after their deaths in 2002. An aide is reported as saying that The Prince is a most competent media performer, and not needing an Autocue or notes.

The broadcast is expected to be the most high-profile in a series of celebratory events.

The report says that Prince Andrew will exhibit some of his photographs of his mother in a public show at Windsor Castle at the time of the royal birthday, alongside those of the late Lord Lichfield, and other photographers.

Two days before the birthday, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will host a reception and lunch at Buckingham Palace for members of the public who are also celebrating their 80th birthday on April 21.

There will also be a service of thanksgiving at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, on the Sunday after the birthday and, in mid-June, there will be a national service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by a lunch at the Guildhall given by the Lord Mayor of London.

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To read The Times report , click here


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