December 23

Prince Harry breaches protocol; comforts bereaved


The second Sun Military Awards – otherwise known as the Millies – were handed out in London on 16 December at the Imperial War Museum (see "Murdoch newspaper praises Princes"). The event, an initiative of the Murdoch newspaper, The Sun, recognises the bravery of service and civilian personnel working in the Armed Forces, as well as members of the public who provide support to the services.

Here Sky News reports that Prince Harry broke with protocol to comfort the bereaved.

The Sun in its editorial Just Like his Mum (17/11) said that with his own Afghanistan service fresh in his mind, Prince Harry knew just how "Band of Mothers" campaigner Jane Whitehouse was feeling.

As Jane wept for her lost son, Harry embraced her tenderly. It was one of many inspiring moments that made our Millies – The Sun Military Awards – such a life-enhancing evening.



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