June 20

Princes’ NBC interview: TV ratings

I was told recently by a republican that Australians are not at all interested in the monarchy, and we would become a republic at the end of this reign.  It was inevitable. (No doubt he thought Australia would become a republic in 1999.)  Well, how will he explain the ratings Channel 7 recorded with the NBC interview with Prince William and Prince Harry on Tuesday evening, 19 June 2007?
Although the programme was not widely advertised, and came on about 15 minutes later than announced, the interview easily led the national ratings in that time slot, 10PM to 11PM, with an audience of 1.093 million.
Incidentally, if you missed the broadcast, you can watch the programme by clicking  here


So Australians are not interested in our Royal Family? That reminds me of all those promises that a republic would reduce unemployment, increase trade, enhance culture etc and that if we voted No we would be an international laughing stock.  Now,how about the ABC showing the Trooping the Colour programme?


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