May 23

QC and the monarchy

The following letter in The Sydney Morning Herald (23/5) attracted my attention.

 I had to then find Saturday’s Herald to see what is was about.  Here they are. The headlines are of course those chosen by The Herald editorial staff, not the letter writer.

 One of their own.. 

Am I the only one who sees the irony of Nick Cowdery using his Queen's Counsel moniker while criticising the monarchy (Letters, May 21-22)?

Terry Thorpe, Springwood

….We're still a colony

Isn't it great that the Queen of Australia is visiting Ireland?

Nick Cowdery, QC,  Sydney


[ Nicholas Cowderoy QC was until recently  the controversial NSW Director of Public Prosecutions. He remains controversial; the pages of the Herald  are currently also featuring debates about his views on the likelihood of young people found guilty of crimes re-offending and his opposition to mandatory life sentences for police killers.]


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