February 11

Relentless Attack on the Governor-General


February 11, 2003
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Statement by the National Convenor
National Office, Sydney Australia

“The Governor-General is being attacked for no more than doing his job. The need to see so many Australians in the first year of his appointment, the continuing celebration of Centenary of Federation and the sixtieth anniversary of El Alamein meant he obviously had to travel. And Government House is part of the national heritage – it needs to be properly (but not palatially) maintained. (Fortunately he still lives there – as we have already seen in NSW that putting the Governor out of Government House has imposed a substantial and continuing financial burden on the taxpayer – and no one from outside Sydney can be Governor.)

“The continuing targeting of the Governor-General – an essentially decent man – risks destabilising his office. How can he do his job if he is constantly attacked?” said ACM National Convenor, Professor David Flint.

The campaign against the Governor-General demonstrates the truth of the adage – if you want to hit somebody, you can always find a stick.”


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