September 14

Report on the ACM Leichhardt/Balmain Branch Event with Alan Jones

Alan Jones speaks at a FREE ACM function organized by the Leichhardt/Balmain ACM No Republic Branch held at the Balmain Leagues Club

George Stone OAM is Convenor of the Balmain Branch of ACM. He is a former officer in the NSW Police Force. As an officer, Mr Stone swore an Oath of Allegiance to his Queen, and as with a man of honour, he had no intention of breaking his oath.

As a long-term supporter term of Balmain Leagues Club, Mr Stone became a close friend of the coach, Mr Alan Jones, the 2GB radio presenter.

Mr. Stone was witness to Alan’s legendary generosity and hard work during this period and there is no doubt that Alan Jones greatly admired and respected George Stone’s work for the club.

George also presided over an active ACM branch which made a significant contribution to the referendum campaign. To give the branch a lift in the present time, George invited Alan to speak at a function, free to the public on 30 August 2005.

As you would expect, Alan Jones filled the large auditorium.

He spoke, without notes, for about 45 minutes

It was down to earth good sense. Alan reminded his listeners that Australia was successful not only because of her people, but because previous generations had bequeathed sound institutions, above all our constitutional system.

During the referendum, when almost all of the commentariat, and many supposedly objective reporters campaigned vigorously for the Keating-Turnbull republic, Alan Jones displayed his usual commonsense, and demonstrated once again that he was in touch with the rank and file Australian. As he said then: “If you don’t know, Vote No”. And this is precisely what the majority did.

Alan Jones then answered a series of questions. One came from Angus, who declared himself a republican. To him Australia was not democratic, because Mr. Latham was not elected and his supporters are disenfranchised, we do not have a Bill of Rights, and we do not have proportional representation. As Alan said, if you believe these, your task is to persuade other Australians. He was gentle with Angus, even indulging him three questions to the irritation of some in the audience.

It was a wonderfully successful evening in a part of Sydney where people remain supportive of our institutions, and values, and of the sport which unites them.

Congratulations to two very honorable men who give so much to the community they love and honour.  In particular, ACM congratulates Mr. Stone on being acknowledged for his service to the community through the award of an Order of Australia Medal in the Queen Birthday Honours.


Alan Jones, George Stone

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