November 26

Republican coup

The ARM has yet again changed its leadership, replacing the dour Major General Keating with the personable professor and ex-premier Geoff Gallop.

With the equally nice ARM director, David Morris, we can expect less head kicking and mockery, and more high teas.

We can’t imagine any of them referring to ACM’s national convenor as a “perma-tanned Indonesian- born blow-in.”

What we will not get are details of precisely what sort of republic and new flag the republicans are proposing.

And with support crumbling, even the republican politicians and the recalcitrant media have run away from the issue, hiding nervously behind The Queen. It's all her fault, they say, for being so popular.

The Queen? You know, Citoyens – she’s the one you accused us of not mentioning in the referendum campaign. 


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