April 30

Republican mates

 No, the republicans are not at it again. In fact they are curiously quiet about their grand projet, the mate for a head of state campaign. But here is something for Peter FitzSimons, the Doctors Gerard and Anne Henderson, Greg ( "Australia is a pigsty") Barns , Mike Carlton and all the other mates -and Compañera Presidente La Burgmann de Havana y Ho Chi Min City :

“ The Australian intelligentsia –if that is not an oxymoron-all talked a kind of synthetic Oz-speak these days, and on their lips the word ‘mate” could become the most malevolent noun in the English language.”

Who said this? None other than Barry Humphries.  And the wonderful thing is …he was writing about a particualrly odious politician who wears an ARM badge!

And before anyone rushes off to the defamtion lawyers, it is all fction, I am sure. He wouldn't base this on a real person would he?


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