March 11

Republican movement abuses PM Julia Gillard: untrustworthy monarchist

The republican movement has launched a particularly vicious and very personal attack on the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

This seems to have been triggered by her invitation to Prince William to come to flood devastated Queensland and Victoria.

…ARM smells "a rat"…

The ARM's official  spokesman ( their "vice-chair media") says that when they heard about this  the ARM “smelled a rat.” (This term is used in politics, especially in the ALP,  in referring to turncoats.)

The ARM has now officially declared the Prime Minister to be untrustworthy and only “a slightly less monarchist than Tony Abbott”.

He warns that if Ms. Gillard accepts an invitation sent to her and to all of The Queen’s Prime Ministers to attend the Royal Wedding on 29 April:’

“…. we will know for sure that for all her claims of being a republican, she has a monarchist middle—her republicanism merely a pose to keep her in line with Labor Party policy to have a Republic…well…one day. Who knows when?

…PM is a " not to be trusted…monarchist" declares ARM…

In an extraordinary torrent of abuse, the ARM declares that the Prime minister is not to be trusted.

“Just like her membership of the ALP left-faction was a convenient illusion to gain support for her leadership aspirations, as ABC’s Four Corners established.

“We all know now that she really cannot be trusted—as shown by her reneging on an election promise on introducing a Carbon Tax.”

“Where does Julia Gillard stand on the Republic? Is she only slightly less monarchist than Tony Abbott?

“…If she accepts the invitation to the royal wedding, we will know for sure."

…"permatanned Indonesian blowin"…

This follows the ARM's extrordinarily racist attack on ACM's National Convenor Professor David Flint as a "perma-tanned.. Indoneasian born blow-in".

In the meantime, eleven years after the referndum, the republican movement is still incapable of saying what changes they want to the Constitution and what new flag they want to put in the place of our Australian National Flag.



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